New Horizons for Business

Dynamic and across-the-board, STITCH & TEX EXPO – Textile Technologies Edition is a premium multi-format trading forum with a diverse commercial and business distinctiveness; showcasing up-to-minute turnkey solutions; provided by the world’s key players of the textiles processing sectors to cater for the elevating demand in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa.

Opening premium networking and commercial channels between the world’s key textile technology makers from one side and Egypt’s industrialists from the other side; STITCH & TEX EXPO – Textile Technologies Edition Y will demonstrate the present and future technologies providing cutting edge schemes for textile projects’ start-ups and development; whilst creating extremely attention-grabbing business solutions.

Presenting a stronghold for the full-scope of the textile technologies value chain; STITCH & TEX EXPO – Textile Technologies Edition outstandingly makes every effort to create a path for international and regional innovators, suppliers, and buyers to tap into one of the world’s most appealing business territories; in an event of numerous values.

Offering a forward-looking business setting to fuel the entire textile market in Egypt and its neighboring states; STITCH & TEX EXPO – Textile Technologies Edition will present glamorous opportunities for technology transfer through live networking between international suppliers and thousands of top-notch buyers and industrial gurus.

Responding the glimmering of massive market place opportunities within the Egyptian textiles sector; STITCH & TEX EXPO – Textile Technologies Edition is classified to be the most efficient international to regional technology sourcing event; with the extent, ability, and know-how to attract thousands of qualified buyers and decision-makers with full-purchasing authority.

With an elite conception; that extends being a conventional trade fair; STITCH & TEX EXPO – Textile Technologies Edition will feature new attractions and exclusive trading opportunities designed specially to provide textile technology specialists “the golden opportunity” to share market intelligence data, business outlooks, technological solutions, and live product displays to enhance awareness on the sector’s ongoing and future developments.



1.3 million Square Meters New Textile Park

100 Million + Population

US$ 298 Billion

2,500+ Textile
Factories, 4000+ Companies and 1.5 Million+workers

Textile Investments
US$ 322.7 Million

US$ 3 Billion
Textiles Exports

Demand on Textile
and Machinery
Raising 10% Annually

Textile exports to
reach US$10 billion
per year by 2025

Demand on TextileProducts Rising
Domestically at 19%

Lowest Industrial Production Cost:
Electricity: US¢ 7/kwh
Wage: US$ 115/Monthly

The Organizers


Abdulrazek Ali Hassan Alzarao Building, office (204),
Area Al Ghusias St., P.O. Box 39417, Dubai, UAE.


50 Shooting Club st., 6th floor, Mohandeseen,
Giza, Egypt.
Tel.: +2 (02) 333 55423
Fax: +2 (02) 333 67979


STITCH & TEX will take place at the luxurious venue
Cairo International Convention and Exhibitions Center CICC.

STITCH & TEX EXPO – Textile Technologies Edition will take place at the luxurious venue Cairo International Convention and Exhibitions Center CICC.

The deluxe CICC is accredited as the paramount comprehensive exhibition center in Egypt; which is fully-equipped with all facilities including conference halls, huge car parking, unlimited floor loads, central air-conditioning, and food & beverage outlets.

The prestigious venue is dedicated to first-class conferences and exhibitions catering to the requisites of all organizers with top efficiency.

The CICC enjoys an impressive artistic design that charms visitors and exhibitors from all over the world. It is also located in one of the most prominent areas in Egypt; Nasr City, next to several 5-star hotels, and only minutes away from Cairo International Airport.